Stumpy (thecupisblue) wrote,

wouldnt you like to know...

Who could have guessed that causing misery to a girl so wonderful
[who could invoke in me such love, awe and respect]
my dreams couldnt ever have fathomed or created her
could be so fun... haha.

(you know i'm joking and i love ya fatso, so stop being/pretending to be hurt)
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HMPH! I say to you, GOOD DAY, sir!!!!! And be foreworned, I shal CRUSH you like a bug!
it would take a car powered by a full scale nuclear power plant to move you fast enough to catch me.
*sigh* I'm sorry, we can't be friends.. you're just too mean... But... I have something of yours, and if we're not friends than I guess I won't be able to give it back.
you're sorry? i never knew you cared that much to be sorry, i'm touched
youuuuuuuuu are SUCH a jerk... And-and- you're dumb too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
well at least i can give regular hugs, at least i'm not huggably impaired
I'm not, I just save the good ones for extra special people who are nice to me. >:0P
well, way to be discriminatory, and stuff, are you saying, that my mom was lying when she said i was a 'special' child? are you calling my mom a liar? psh, maybe i'll tell her that.
Go ahead

Deleted comment

...I hate you
i loves ya
Yeah, right.
i am right
you are welcome to think whatever you want... whatever helps you sleep at night.
thank you.


13 years ago good times, hahahaha. see ya monday. :) it wouldnt work anyways, cause she'd forgive you out of pity, it's not every day a girl gets stuck in a love seat.
the bubble ---> (....) *tons of people in it*

me ---> .
soooo, when you say tons, do you mean the weight of the people in the bubble with four people in it, or like a numerical value, and you are just so important that you take up 1/4th of the importance of the people in the bubble
no, just. figuratively speaking, there are a lot of people in whats the point of the bubble again?
i'm out of the bubble, also known as out of the loop, also known as, all by myself..
oooo okay, i thought you meant you were one of the periods IN the bubble with lotsa people and i was like....yeah...more like just two people in the bubble
hmm..thats not very nice callin people fatso and all..
well thats not very nice for not explainin why you said that to me, lol