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Billy had a bag of pistachios...

So...everything's just fine and dandy. i let the dogs out into the backyard when i got home and was roaming around the yard...roaming to a specific a straight line. I roamed to the garden at the other corner, looked back, and saw my foot tracks in the grass. Seems that nobody in this house cuts the grass cept me, and i didn't really have a chance this weekend (well, on saturday, which is when i usually do it, in the morning) so it's extra long. The tracks just made me think of foot steps in the snow, which makes me wish it were snow instead of grass, or at least like Christmas time, or something, *shrugs* snow always makes me think of Christmas, even though i've never had a 'white Christmas' i've always wanted one. anyways. i'm out, toodles.
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October 15 2003, 22:03:04 UTC 13 years ago

It's 'billy had a box of pizza, you retard.
No it's not, the story goes: 'Billy had a bag of pistachios...'


October 16 2003, 17:01:30 UTC 13 years ago

what are you, mentally retarded? you're wrong
okay dude, thats it, i'm sick of this. You and me, Monday before school at 7:30


October 16 2003, 17:02:51 UTC 13 years ago

fine then, i'll be there