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[13 Jul 2005|01:27pm]
soooo this morning was busy, and i've decided my brother and i are just unlucky, you would have had to have been there to experience the full unluckiness of us, but here is my re-creation of the events of this morning as told to aleks.

VagrantRiot947: i've decided i just have bad luck
LBCpvHunnie: y?
VagrantRiot947: okay
VagrantRiot947: starts today
VagrantRiot947: we went job hunting
VagrantRiot947: this morning
VagrantRiot947: woke up at seven
VagrantRiot947: was out the door by eight fifteen
VagrantRiot947: seth and i go get some breakfast
VagrantRiot947: then apply to mcdonalds
VagrantRiot947: 1st application
VagrantRiot947: then
VagrantRiot947: while driving back home to get my references seth takes a sharp turn, my
VagrantRiot947: cup of water falls
VagrantRiot947: on his dashboard, because there are no cup holders in his car and i was setting it up there
VagrantRiot947: so watter all over
VagrantRiot947: and i guess it seeped down
VagrantRiot947: because then seths radio stopped working
VagrantRiot947: and then his tape player too
VagrantRiot947: cause it's an old car
VagrantRiot947: anyways
LBCpvHunnie: awwww
VagrantRiot947: so we're like
VagrantRiot947: okay
VagrantRiot947: mom gave us a card to best buy (electronics) that she got for free
VagrantRiot947: with her laptop
VagrantRiot947: and she was like here it is
VagrantRiot947: it had 25 dollars on it
VagrantRiot947: so
VagrantRiot947: we go to best buy
VagrantRiot947: and neither of us has actually driven ourselves there
VagrantRiot947: so i was like
VagrantRiot947: dude
VagrantRiot947: it's on 82nd avenue
VagrantRiot947: i swear
VagrantRiot947: and then he's like 'dude, i'll bet you 10 dollars it's on 72nd i heard the girl say it;
VagrantRiot947: and so
VagrantRiot947: we bet
VagrantRiot947: and i'm like
VagrantRiot947: ack
VagrantRiot947: too many like
VagrantRiot947: s
VagrantRiot947: so anyways
VagrantRiot947: 82nd avenue comes up
VagrantRiot947: and i tell him, turn here, it's on 82nd, we'll see who's right
VagrantRiot947: so we do
VagrantRiot947: and sure enough
VagrantRiot947: it's on 82nd
VagrantRiot947: and then we went in
VagrantRiot947: and we got cds
VagrantRiot947: two
VagrantRiot947: one for me one for him
VagrantRiot947: he got dashboard confessional i got dresden dolls
VagrantRiot947: but we didnt know which dashboard confesi
VagrantRiot947: confessional one we wanted because we didnt actually know any of the albums
VagrantRiot947: you still there kotku?
LBCpvHunnie: yes
LBCpvHunnie: listening
VagrantRiot947: anyways
VagrantRiot947: so i was like hmmm screaming infidelity is on this one
VagrantRiot947: that's a hit
VagrantRiot947: so we get it
VagrantRiot947: and he convinces me
VagrantRiot947: to buy him a cassette-cd player adapter
VagrantRiot947: for fifteen dollars
VagrantRiot947: so he owes me like
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: 25 dollars now
VagrantRiot947: plus i bought him breakfastj
VagrantRiot947: oh
VagrantRiot947: and also ghetto thing that i forgot to tell you about
VagrantRiot947: when we went back home to get stuff
VagrantRiot947: since the tape deck and radio were broken
VagrantRiot947: (for the time being)
VagrantRiot947: we got my cd player
VagrantRiot947: and my sisters speakers
VagrantRiot947: so
VagrantRiot947: we're cruising along
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: with them
VagrantRiot947: and you can barely hear them
VagrantRiot947: so
VagrantRiot947: he has one speaker between his legs while he's driving and i'm holding one up between the two of our heads so that we can hear
LBCpvHunnie: ROTFL
LBCpvHunnie: that is tooo funny
VagrantRiot947: and then
VagrantRiot947: the batteries go dead
VagrantRiot947: but luckily
VagrantRiot947: (not unluckily, for once)
VagrantRiot947: i remembered to get two more pair out of the mini-piano keyboard i got during college at radioshack for like 20 bucks
VagrantRiot947: so i get those
VagrantRiot947: put them in the cd player
VagrantRiot947: and we listen
VagrantRiot947: anywahs
VagrantRiot947: ys
VagrantRiot947: back to best buy
VagrantRiot947: we buy the goods
VagrantRiot947: get in the car
VagrantRiot947: and i tell seth
LBCpvHunnie: lol ROTFL
VagrantRiot947: 'this isnt going to work you just had me waste 15 dollars because your tape deck doesnt work
LBCpvHunnie: omg u guys are too funny
VagrantRiot947: so he makes another bet
VagrantRiot947: he says if he gets it to work he gets to listen to his cd
VagrantRiot947: and if not then not
VagrantRiot947: so i agree
VagrantRiot947: so
VagrantRiot947: after fifteen minutes
VagrantRiot947: of fiddling with it
VagrantRiot947: we get sound
VagrantRiot947: the radio is fully functional again
VagrantRiot947: but the tape deck is fussy
VagrantRiot947: so he's like 'booya, who was right'
VagrantRiot947: so i pop his cd into my cd plaer
VagrantRiot947: player*
VagrantRiot947: and so we start listening
VagrantRiot947: and we go to number two, which i thought was the hit
VagrantRiot947: but
VagrantRiot947: it's acoustic
LBCpvHunnie: BLEH
LBCpvHunnie: acoustic
VagrantRiot947: but we didnt notice at the time because we're so excited about the tape deck woking again
VagrantRiot947: working
VagrantRiot947: *
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: anyways, so he is gloating about getting it to work, and i'm like, dude whatever you're never going to pay me back, and then he was like 'colby owes me fifteen dollars and you owe him 700 gold (in a video game) so have him just give you the fifteen, i hate being the middle man'
VagrantRiot947: and i'm like 'what the crap, colby will never give me that money, he probably isnt even going to give you that money much less give it to me'
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: soanyways
VagrantRiot947: we start driving
VagrantRiot947: and it stops
VagrantRiot947: and we're trying to figure out what happen
VagrantRiot947: and so he's messing with knobs and i'm pressing buttons and he's like "DONT PRESS THE BUTTONS YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK IT'
VagrantRiot947: and i'm like
VagrantRiot947: dude
VagrantRiot947: it's already broken because of your crappy driving
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: anyways
VagrantRiot947: and so
VagrantRiot947: the batteries run out
VagrantRiot947: after we get it working again
VagrantRiot947: and it fades in and out
VagrantRiot947: so i put in the other batterie
VagrantRiot947: s
VagrantRiot947: and we listen for awhile
VagrantRiot947: and we're like
VagrantRiot947: what the crap, this is acoustic...
VagrantRiot947: and i make the speculation that maybe they're all acoustic
VagrantRiot947: and so i go from track
VagrantRiot947: to track
VagrantRiot947: to track
VagrantRiot947: and they are all
VagrantRiot947: acoustic
LBCpvHunnie: LMAO
LBCpvHunnie: hahaha
LBCpvHunnie: omg
LBCpvHunnie: how sad
VagrantRiot947: and so we're lamenting over all our miseries
VagrantRiot947: and crying
VagrantRiot947: and like
VagrantRiot947: why does this happen to us
VagrantRiot947: and then the batteries die
VagrantRiot947: again
VagrantRiot947: and so
VagrantRiot947: we decide, to ease our pain
LBCpvHunnie: LMAO
VagrantRiot947: by going to clean out my brothers car
VagrantRiot947: with the vacuums,
VagrantRiot947: at the car wash
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: and it is a dollar
VagrantRiot947: for five minutes
VagrantRiot947: and so
VagrantRiot947: we start complaining
VagrantRiot947: about that
VagrantRiot947: because we're already in a mood
VagrantRiot947: stupid thing only lasts for five minutes
VagrantRiot947: so while seth is cleaning out the car
VagrantRiot947: i go
VagrantRiot947: to safeway
VagrantRiot947: to pick up
VagrantRiot947: application number two
VagrantRiot947: whoops
VagrantRiot947: subway*
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: and i go back
VagrantRiot947: and seth is like 'this is the worst suction ever, and it was, so we starting complaining about that too
VagrantRiot947: and so
VagrantRiot947: we put everything back into the car afterward
LBCpvHunnie: lol
LBCpvHunnie: ohw ow
VagrantRiot947: you gotta realize that when we lament over things it's the funniest thing in the world
VagrantRiot947: like we're laughing at how crappy our lives are
VagrantRiot947: anyways
LBCpvHunnie: hahaha
VagrantRiot947: we decide that we should just go home, because we spent four hours, got two job applications, one good cd, one tape converter, and one horrible, horrible, acoustic cd, and that nothing good can happen by staying out longer
VagrantRiot947: so we listen to the radio
VagrantRiot947: and get home
VagrantRiot947: take all our stuff out
VagrantRiot947: and i realize
VagrantRiot947: that we left my sisters speakers that i used for the cd player at thecar wash
VagrantRiot947: so
VagrantRiot947: i'm like, freaking crap
VagrantRiot947: this
VagrantRiot947: is
VagrantRiot947: rediculous
LBCpvHunnie: lol
LBCpvHunnie: awwww
VagrantRiot947: so by this time
VagrantRiot947: we are bent over the top of the car
VagrantRiot947: crying
VagrantRiot947: (not real crying, but 'woe is me, why is this happening, i'm so tired i dont want to go anywhere'
VagrantRiot947: crying
VagrantRiot947: fake crying
LBCpvHunnie: lol
VagrantRiot947: you'll see it some day and you'll start cracking up
VagrantRiot947: anyways
VagrantRiot947: so we go
VagrantRiot947: get the speakers
VagrantRiot947: go back home
VagrantRiot947: and that's wherethe story endsd
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[13 Mar 2005|07:09pm]
okay so callie told me that she burnt her chest today, and pointed out that she didnt mean boobs, just her chest, but her burning her chest made me think of treasure chests and treasure chests remind me of pirates and/or sponge bob square pants and then i got to thinking. why is it that he is called sponge bob square pants when the little guy is obviously wearing shorts?
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[15 Aug 2004|03:26am]
What did i do to become such a social abombination.
I hate myself so much, my high school career was pointless, i learned nothing that i couldnt learn in books, and my social life wasnt all that good either. why do i always lock up like then when i'm trying to type about something that's been running through my head for so long, you would think that.

i hate this. i hate having every single retarded, inconsiderate, or socially inacceptable thing i've done and said come rushing into my brain every single day. i cant stand it. i just want to curl up thinking about all the things i've done. and i thought for awhile since i had a group i could go to that maybe i was getting better, that maybe i was becoming more normal. but i wasnt, it just gave me more opportunities to screw up and embarass myself. i dont know what i was thinking, i have gotten nothing out of this whole thing, nothing tangible at least. i cant point back at somebody in high school and say 'here, this is the fruit of my social toils, i have a friend' it will all be gone, and i'll be back at ground zero. and there wont be anyone to pity me like there always has been before. i cant stand pity, because after awhile a person gets tired of pitying someone and just drops them like a dead fly. at least i know thta now, i dont have too look into a persons face and in their eyes see all the times they've witnessed me screw up or say something that wasnt all that bright. all except for two people following me, and those two have seen the worst of me, and one has no perspective i dont think.
i cant decide on whether in college i should keep my mouth shut entirely, and just not have any friends, but also saving me from any social humiliations i might have had to endure, or venture out and try at it again, hoping this time i'll be a little better. all the things i've done just tear me up inside, all the times i'd been too loud, too annoying, said something inconsiderate (even though i never mean to be, it just pops out sometimes, and i always beat myself up over it in bed for the next few nights) and the thing is, i wont even realize it the first night
or even the second night
or the third
but sooner or later i do
and it lingers in my mind for weeks on end
just accumulating with the rest.

i hate having no respect from anyone, my opinion never matters, especially to my sister and mother, i just want them to listen, that's all. but not just them, everyone. i only mean good. *sighs* i hate being treated like a kid, it makes me want to cry every time someone wont let me do something because they think i'm incompetent or that i might break something. i guess sometimes they're just joking, but sometimes i cant read social cues. i hate that the most, i dont know when to knock it off sometimes cause i cant read social cues at times, or i'm just not paying attention.

*sighs* i hate this feeling that i get sometimes, this feeling that i'm so weak and powerless, nobody will respect someone who is weak, nobody likes the guy who isnt sure of himself.
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hmmm, the force is strong in this one...okay i'm done [20 Jan 2004|05:46pm]
28.571428571428573% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

hahahahahahaha i love all the homestarrunner answers that this test is riddled with.
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Christmaaassss [25 Dec 2003|09:09am]
[ mood | Christmas-yyyyy ]

So, yes, it's me again, first off, i'd like to say: Merry Christmas and God bless all of youuuu! woot woot. I changed my icons because i wanted something that looked Christmasy and that star with the hat sorta looks like a star with a santa hat...sorta...yeah. ANYWAYS, so yes, fun times this morning, woke up at seven. okay, so maybe not exactly. I get reeeallly excited on Christmas eve, so excited, that i wake up every hour practically, cant help it, so i wake up, take a look at my clock, 1:30, wake up again, 2:55, fall asleep, wake up again, 4:45, fall back asleep, wake up again, 5:55 (i seem to be fond of the fives), fall asleep, wake up again, and it's 6:30-somthing, so i lay there in bed for awhile, waiting for seven to roll around, luckily my sister was the first one to come out of the room and get us all, so parents didnt wake up all groggy to me this year (last year i jumped on their bed and was like MEERRRRRYYY CHRISTMAAASS.) Anyways, it was fun, lots more stuff than usual for my parents, which is prolly due to the tough time they are having to go through right now (heada and ambaz you know what i'ma talking bout.)
So anyways, on to my bounty, this year i annexed a great many things, okay okay i'll cut it out. anyways, mah bro gots me a green day 'international superhits' cd, and mah sister got me a lava lamp :D. apparently everyone was supposed to get beef jerky in their stocking but the dogs got a hold of mine last night so my siblings shared theres with me. isnt that sweet :P
I also got twoooo pillows :) a bit firm but hey, i'll break them in (muahahahaha, prepare to get flufferized, pillows) i like it when i can sink into my pillows a little bit, not have my head bounce five feet in the opposite direction when i lay down. anyways, not that you needed to know my pillow preferences. so lets see, i gots a laundry basket, and CD-R's so i can make all you people cds again, i got a siamese dream cd, b/c i had stepped on my other one on accident (it had been in my pants pocket from senior seminar but then they were on the floor and i stepped on the wrong spot, forgot it had been in there, but that wont happen any more cause i gots mahself a laundry basket!) oh yeah, and i got seven toothbrushes, yes, seven, i had been asking my mom for a new toothbrush, the other day, and it just so happened that she went to costco that day, so yes, i know have seven toothbrushes lolol anybody want one? hmm lets see, what else, oh yes, only clothes i recieved were boxers and t-shirts, oh, and a nice well, i guess it's fleece, but i think it's synthetic, cause it's Izod, or something, from grandma and grandpa wheeler (also known as Barb and Ernie.)
last but not least, i'd like to mention that i have mah stumpy shirt you all made me on my birthday on this fine morning. anyways, toodles, and take care.

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Pork me [23 Dec 2003|01:01pm]
So, thought of the day, if everyone said 'pork me' instead of ' F me' the world would be a much happier place, because come on, since when has pork NOT been funny. everyone would be laughing, or at least, i would.
anyways so, i learned how to polka, coolest thing in the world, dont know why people stopped polka-ing, or whatever. anyways, so the 'merpy Christahnuka' or whatever party was fun. i gots headphones from Emily :) thaaank you.
so speaking of the headphones, i used them saturday night to watch x-men 2 and league of extraordinary gentlement on my computer. Sunday i used them to watch matrix reloaded.
anyways, so here is my idea, i'm going to start a diet for this winter break. but this is how it's going to work. i've already not taken my medication for three whole days, havent taken it today either, now, without my medication i have EXHORBITANT amounts of energy, i'm talking like nuclear power plant here. anyways, so, with this energy, i'm going to start running, three hours a day, two hours in the morning, one at night, every day. so yeah. that's my idea, starts tomorrow.
anyways, i'm out, toodles
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[25 Nov 2003|07:33pm]
whoo hoo! got into cinderella! i'ma now sgt in arms, or something of the sort. trina was like yay! so that made me happy, amber called last night to ask how it went too so that was like another :) but i was still there so i didnt get to talk to her. yups, anyways other than that my lifes been then same extreme ups and downs lately. it's kind of annoying. *shrugs* oh well.
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[04 Nov 2003|01:34pm]
*sighs* well, it's been bugging me, because i dont understand. and i wish i did, but i dont want to frustrate by asking more questions. i guess, i am sure about what i know, and i'm sure of my feelings on it, and things can affect that, but it's like if you have a 1000 out of 1010 points on something, and then you compound it with something maybe like a 5 out of 50, but even tho the five out of fifty test score was so bad, when combined with the 1000 out of 1010, it's nothing, it really doesn't hurt anything that much, does this make sense?
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yeah, a wet rag, leave it to amber to do something like that [30 Oct 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

not really anxious, just the anticipation is building up for tomorrow, because i call my father to ask his friend if i could borrow his trench coat, and i need make up...etc etc.

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[29 Oct 2003|04:30pm]
now that i look at it, that loved mood icon looks really really cheesy.
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THEY KIDNAPPED MY BLOOOOD!! [29 Oct 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | loved ]

progressive bonds drawn out in code
as the paper slips from my grasp
and your intuitive nature
answers our questions

ugh, a little peeved cause the computer totally deleted this post when i tried to update, so this is the second time typing it. it's just that i can never remember what i say exactly.

anyways, onto other matters, lots of stuff has happened, but we'll skip all that, and go to today. Today was the blood drive, which was fun, the anticipation is what kills though. the actual giving blood part isnt bad at all. i felt bad though because alot of my friends felt sick afterwards and i felt normal and chipper and was hopping around just fine. i wished that i could have taken some of it onto myself so they didnt feel so bad. anyways yeah i know that i didnt have much else to say in the first version of this entry, but i cant remember what the rest was, but it wasnt important, i know that, so that's good. oh yeah, now i remember. i was talking bout how i really should do senior seminar but i'm not. instead i'm going to go read the pearl. and maybe some oedipus, and look for my red sparkly bow tie :D lol. toodles

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Billy had a bag of pistachios... [15 Oct 2003|04:34pm]
[ mood | intoxicated? ]

So...everything's just fine and dandy. i let the dogs out into the backyard when i got home and was roaming around the yard...roaming to a specific spot...in a straight line. I roamed to the garden at the other corner, looked back, and saw my foot tracks in the grass. Seems that nobody in this house cuts the grass cept me, and i didn't really have a chance this weekend (well, on saturday, which is when i usually do it, in the morning) so it's extra long. The tracks just made me think of foot steps in the snow, which makes me wish it were snow instead of grass, or at least like Christmas time, or something, *shrugs* snow always makes me think of Christmas, even though i've never had a 'white Christmas' i've always wanted one. anyways. i'm out, toodles.

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wouldnt you like to know... [09 Oct 2003|08:44pm]
Who could have guessed that causing misery to a girl so wonderful
[who could invoke in me such love, awe and respect]
my dreams couldnt ever have fathomed or created her
could be so fun... haha.

(you know i'm joking and i love ya fatso, so stop being/pretending to be hurt)
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[09 Oct 2003|05:34pm]
ugh, i hate it when i dont hear what people are saying, i mean, i don't think ALL of it is me not being able to hear, just focusing on something else while it's being said, it's just really frustrating cause sometimes i just feel retarded and i hate missing out on things. and i hate having to say 'what?' five million times, i KNOW it's annoying, it annoys the hell out of me for crying out loud. after i ask it i almost always wish i didnt cause the response is either a peeved look or a 'nevermind' (which i totally understand) *sighs* anyways does anyone ELSE ever get the feeling that they must be the most uninteresting person in the world?
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[01 Oct 2003|02:30pm]
same as yesterday...

hmm... peoples.. come on now...

standing among the crowd
your presence apparent
your eyes screaming loud

look at me
see your beauty reflected
in my mind

leaning forward
i sense you're eager
someone who wants to feel the same

of a pining heart
for you

clear as the
stars in your heart
we find a place in your smile
heaven between the ears

an enchanting gaze
does wonders
pondering what's in the clouds
sounds of wishful thinking echo
through the morning dew

i'm tense
afraid to push too far
but i dont want you
to slip away
to fade away.

and i promise when i say
your lips look soft as rose petals
accented by skin so fair
and eyes that match the heavens
and behind is always a surprise

...moving on...
if one is uncertain they shouldnt hide it i suppose...it's okay that one doesnt like making up their mind, just not talking about it always leads to a mess. lol, like whenever i'm uncertain about my homework. sometimes i'm afraid to ask someone. not really, that much. but you get the point, everyones uncertain at one point...i'm babbling... i'm done... *shrugs*

sheep skin
stained white
a lisp of a mind

as conscience subsides
in dreams one does confide
their secrets and wishes
of love and life
of fear and compassion
dreaming as the subconscious stitches

minds broken by a question
on a lighter note...

the autumn foliage falls
and that is when
my friend does call
tempting me to run
out to play as she wisps around

...i've written something like this i think...it sounded better, if i do recall correctly...i wonder if they still have it...

anyways, permutations happen, for better or for worse..

i tell her my secrets
as she dances with me
graceful and crisp her movement is
and she holds me to find my step
as we fall against each other

a breath from heaven
a breath, that says it all
her words, capture my attention
and always will it be this way

waltz to the steps of the patterns of the stars...
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[30 Sep 2003|01:49pm]
well, this was just a total free type during writers work shop cause we are on the computers and i didnt wanna hafta save it to a disk or anything so yeah, un edited, just random crap, nothing too good...

polished the soul of my entrancement
left to fall from the loft
continue your levee

prerogatives of a traitor
bent into a personal afair
afraid of losses that would be better left
to disapear

compliance into your model of a pressure
a log into my mind
slipping again to the ring
falling again into an uprising

show your mind
push your soul
let it go
take your prospects and leave

rose never had her milk
her babe as fine as sand
fine and course and all thats 'good'
as long as it can be made into something so fragile
so translucent

as i fondle your mind
finding something you dont want to say
purse my lips and purge your mind
lock a love out of mainstream thought
and lift your mind to what is not
important in your eyes.

Leave it alone let me find
my weathered eyes
consistency of mercury
wrapping around your soul
of a limp boned generosity

no names wrought in your mind
falling thru the times
left into an abyss of momentary

capsizing your intentions
leaving you in a muddled mess
missing your conceptual lips

your mind is running away
I came out to watch you

You’re wading in [As]similitude
Among Lethargic tendencies

The fragrance of motion pulls you
Pummeling your throat with threats
Of your voice commanding you to see
Cameo appearance of something sweet
My impression molding your tongue

Pull my thoughts
Push my mind
Mold my soul
Calm my heart
Throw away my body…


Plead a guilty conscious
Full of mockery
Padded with the flies
Of a persistent cough
Molesting your morals

Point your thumbs in
Feel the rock of a
Marshmallow argument
Think about it…

What it was that I had said to you
So many times.
you fill my mind with reasons to stand up for myself.
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[24 Sep 2003|04:10pm]
well, i read a poem i wrote in writers workshop today and karen mitchell seemed to like it, so i decided to put it on. nothing too big.

Empirical ambiguity
marred by perfection
perfected by perception
[mirrored at it's conception]
in corrolary arguements
as puncuation and contemporary litigations
temper it into something wrong
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[21 Sep 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

SO, i guess this all started yesterday, when a certain SOMEONE,{you know who you are heather, whoops, better get to the witness protection program, quick.) helped convince me to let my sister bleach my hair with the left overs from a family friends hair dye that she had just done. plus i figured we needed some brother sister bonding...sorta...well, i would call it brother sister bonding... even tho it was only for 10 minutes at a time. ANYWAYS, needless to say, the first time nothing happened AT ALL, so she did it a second time, and it turned out brown orange, not TOO bad, but not really too attractive either...lol, stupid dark hair...anywhere, this is going somewhere, i promise.
so, next day, which would be today, Sunday, didnt go to Church, cause come on, my hair is orange...plus i woke up way too late. :(. anyways so dad decided to suggest that we go out for a couple hours, so yeah, i agreed for once to get my lazy self off the computer and do something for a change, we went to the mall, and i needed boxers, so i was looking around for penguin boxers, but alas, no penguin boxers at whereever we went first (mervyns) BUT, there WERE cow boxers, which are just as good :P, seriously, they rock, they have little cows all over them, i got two, one green and one blue pair :D. plus i got socks, then i went to jc penny's and got a Grouch shirt, a Charlie Brown shirt, and a Stupid Factory shirt, some tshirts, and some jeans :) whoo hoo! my dad made the comment that my brother wouldnt wanna wear any of my shirts that i got (refering to the Grouch and charlie brown shirts) and i told him that's because my brother and sister were raised on barney, not sesame street, and thats their problem, as for me, i was raised right :P lololol sesame street all the way whoo hoo! oh and mr rogers too. and wheel of fortune and jeopardy i would always watch with my grandma :). hehehe, anyways then i went to hot topic and got bleach stuff and then blue hair dye, i dunno when i'm gonna do it but i'm gonna.lol. anyways thats enough for me. toodles!

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eh...the words are coming soon... oh yeah this song has nothing to do with the lyrics... [17 Sep 2003|03:55pm]
i'm sorry to all of you who had to endure my sniffling today. random fact about me : i'm afraid of blowing my nose in public, or at least at school. so then what happens is all i have is a runny nose, but i cant stand blowing my nose in front of everybody so i just hold it in and then i guess the best way to describe it is my whole sinus area gets congested and my nose gets red and i just look terrible... lol i love how i have an excuse for everything, anyways, yeah... i was contemplating going home in the morning but i didnt have a ride, and plus i was thinking 'how pathetic would it be to go home cause of a stuffy nose, anyways, i guess i'm done... blah, i ended up sniffling a little anyways. >.< one of these days i'm gonna figure out why it is that it bothers me when i do this stuff but i could really care less when someone else has to blow their nose, sniffle, etc etc...well i mean i care that they're sick and hope that they get better but i mean the act doesnt bug me in the least...anyways i'm out, oh yeah, and the song is 'set the ray to jerry (gotta love billy odd choice in titles) - The smashing pumpkins, oh yeah, in other note, :( ZWAN broke up :( where is billy gonna go next?
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shoo wop! [16 Sep 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

:) just got back from out int he rain :D boy was that fun, hehehe

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