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SO, i guess this all started yesterday, when a certain SOMEONE,{you know who you are heather, whoops, better get to the witness protection program, quick.) helped convince me to let my sister bleach my hair with the left overs from a family friends hair dye that she had just done. plus i figured we needed some brother sister bonding...sorta...well, i would call it brother sister bonding... even tho it was only for 10 minutes at a time. ANYWAYS, needless to say, the first time nothing happened AT ALL, so she did it a second time, and it turned out brown orange, not TOO bad, but not really too attractive, stupid dark hair...anywhere, this is going somewhere, i promise.
so, next day, which would be today, Sunday, didnt go to Church, cause come on, my hair is i woke up way too late. :(. anyways so dad decided to suggest that we go out for a couple hours, so yeah, i agreed for once to get my lazy self off the computer and do something for a change, we went to the mall, and i needed boxers, so i was looking around for penguin boxers, but alas, no penguin boxers at whereever we went first (mervyns) BUT, there WERE cow boxers, which are just as good :P, seriously, they rock, they have little cows all over them, i got two, one green and one blue pair :D. plus i got socks, then i went to jc penny's and got a Grouch shirt, a Charlie Brown shirt, and a Stupid Factory shirt, some tshirts, and some jeans :) whoo hoo! my dad made the comment that my brother wouldnt wanna wear any of my shirts that i got (refering to the Grouch and charlie brown shirts) and i told him that's because my brother and sister were raised on barney, not sesame street, and thats their problem, as for me, i was raised right :P lololol sesame street all the way whoo hoo! oh and mr rogers too. and wheel of fortune and jeopardy i would always watch with my grandma :). hehehe, anyways then i went to hot topic and got bleach stuff and then blue hair dye, i dunno when i'm gonna do it but i'm anyways thats enough for me. toodles!
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