Stumpy (thecupisblue) wrote,

well, i read a poem i wrote in writers workshop today and karen mitchell seemed to like it, so i decided to put it on. nothing too big.

Empirical ambiguity
marred by perfection
perfected by perception
[mirrored at it's conception]
in corrolary arguements
as puncuation and contemporary litigations
temper it into something wrong
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September 25 2003, 16:24:16 UTC 14 years ago

Wow... I find it ammusing that you can blunder and stumble over words all day long, but can be so conceptual and precise with a pen in your hand. That was wonderful... I might have to show it to people...
*smiles* thank you, that means alot. and yeah i know i kill myself to find something half decent to utter, but yet i'm just fine if i'm chatting with someone online to an extent. as an example. lol. share away.


October 1 2003, 17:32:44 UTC 14 years ago

okay iiiiiii will... i will steal all of your poems and dust the world with the confetti of your thoughts... a virtual word soup that the whooooooole world will drink... how do you like THAT idea? (And also, how do you like my crappy similes... or whatever they are)?
absolutely lovely, cept they arent similies, but admirable in themselves, really :) always loved your use of words. have you ever done like trade off poetry where you do a verse and then another person does a verse and back and forth?