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progressive bonds drawn out in code
as the paper slips from my grasp
and your intuitive nature
answers our questions

ugh, a little peeved cause the computer totally deleted this post when i tried to update, so this is the second time typing it. it's just that i can never remember what i say exactly.

anyways, onto other matters, lots of stuff has happened, but we'll skip all that, and go to today. Today was the blood drive, which was fun, the anticipation is what kills though. the actual giving blood part isnt bad at all. i felt bad though because alot of my friends felt sick afterwards and i felt normal and chipper and was hopping around just fine. i wished that i could have taken some of it onto myself so they didnt feel so bad. anyways yeah i know that i didnt have much else to say in the first version of this entry, but i cant remember what the rest was, but it wasnt important, i know that, so that's good. oh yeah, now i remember. i was talking bout how i really should do senior seminar but i'm not. instead i'm going to go read the pearl. and maybe some oedipus, and look for my red sparkly bow tie :D lol. toodles
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