Stumpy (thecupisblue) wrote,

Pork me

So, thought of the day, if everyone said 'pork me' instead of ' F me' the world would be a much happier place, because come on, since when has pork NOT been funny. everyone would be laughing, or at least, i would.
anyways so, i learned how to polka, coolest thing in the world, dont know why people stopped polka-ing, or whatever. anyways, so the 'merpy Christahnuka' or whatever party was fun. i gots headphones from Emily :) thaaank you.
so speaking of the headphones, i used them saturday night to watch x-men 2 and league of extraordinary gentlement on my computer. Sunday i used them to watch matrix reloaded.
anyways, so here is my idea, i'm going to start a diet for this winter break. but this is how it's going to work. i've already not taken my medication for three whole days, havent taken it today either, now, without my medication i have EXHORBITANT amounts of energy, i'm talking like nuclear power plant here. anyways, so, with this energy, i'm going to start running, three hours a day, two hours in the morning, one at night, every day. so yeah. that's my idea, starts tomorrow.
anyways, i'm out, toodles
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